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Lifewithglee.com was created at the same time I took the step out of the rat race into freedom when I clicked on a facebook link to buy an old sailboat anchored at a small island in the Caribbean early 2016. I wasn’t an experienced sailor but I wanted out of the workaday existence that I had suffered in the cold wet UK for so long.

It’s been quite a journey, not how I expected it to go. Glee sunk on her mooring when hurricane Irma devasted Sint Maarten in 2017 and I was left with what I was wearing and the things I had packed into a small backpack. Glee remains resting on the bottom of Simpson Bay Lagoon in Sint Maarten but the blog continues.

After a couple of weeks at my hurricane shelter, defending food and water from the locals, I was evacuated back to the UK. A few weeks later, I got a lead on a yacht delivery from Turkey to Colombia. The three-month voyage brought adventure and opportunity. I got to be a bona fide sailing skipper for the first time and led to new adventures in Peru on a small motorcycle.

This is not simply a journal about me and my life. Reading between the lines, this is also a guide on how you can break free and follow your life’s dreams if you so wish. Whatever obstacles we think are in the way, we all have the choice to start a new life every day or even every moment. The main issue is that we don’t want to let go of what we already have, whether that’s material or imagined.